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Our daughter Avery has loved piano from an early age, and we are extremely fortunate to meet Annamarie McCarthy early on in her musical journey.  Under her guidance Avery’s musical foundation and performance skills have grown by leaps and bounds.  More importantly, Annamarie’s unending support and infectious love of music have had a major impact on our daughter’s life.  Our entire family is grateful for her guidance and support.  We are fortunate to have her as a mentor and friend.

Annamarie McCarthy’s love for teaching comes across clearly in every lesson.  She not only helps students refine their technique and expand their repertoire but helps them deepen their love for music.  Always kind and encouraging, Annamarie motivates students to want to practice, excel, and make pieces their own.  She listens carefully to students’ own ideas, engaging them in lively discussions about interpretations and classical music.  Such a wonderful teacher!



Mrs. McCarthy is a wonderfully inspirational teacher. What I’ve particularly appreciated over the years is her understanding; no matter what you seek from your piano experience, she is there to give you unequivocal support and encouragement. She will push you and give advice to help you grow, but will also provide room for you to explore your own interpretations of your art. And you will have fun, because Mrs. McCarthy’s enthusiasm for her work is so infectious! My love for music and piano has never ceased to grow under her caring tutelage. I feel so grateful to have known her as an educator and a friend.

Annamarie McCarthy shaped us profoundly both as musicians and as human beings. For the many years we studied with her, she was endlessly supportive, kind, and patient as she helped us become more skilled and expressive pianists. Her mentorship inspired our deep appreciation for classical music and ensured its everlasting role in our lives.

Annamarie McCarthy taught our son and daughter for a combined fifteen years. She focused her teaching to best address their different strengths and weaknesses, and we are grateful for her nurturing role in their musical and personal development. While neither of our children pursued a musical career, they carry with them a lifelong love for classical music.

Annamarie McCarthy is an outstanding pedagogue. She gives my daughter Carolyn clear advice on how to practice in the most efficient way. Annamarie is brilliant at helping her set and meet ambitious musical goals. Carolyn adores her.